19 Things Your Guests Wish You Had in Your Guest Room

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Don't ask for a break on the rate Nothing sets off red flags like a guest asking for a discount. Bargain hunters are notorious among hosts for other bad behavior like not respecting house rules; demanding exceptions to other things like check-in and out times; and being dissatisfied no matter what. The price the host sets is the price they need to make this worth their while, and the price the market will bear. If your budget isn't that high, look for a lower-priced alternative. Or check less popular dates or try plugging a longer stay in — often those will trigger lower prices. It's hard for us to judge what you deem 'safe' Remember this isn't a corporate hotel with a staff. Unless you're dealing with an investment property run by a property manager, chances are you're talking to the homeowner themselves. It could be seen as rude to insinuate the neighborhood they choose to call home may not be good enough for you. Besides, how do they know what your personal threshold or definition of safety is?

The fact that a hotel could be unsuccessful to be profitable astounds me. Which makes me want to take a shower. At home. Since the arithmetic mean no-show rate is 10 percent day after day, hotels will overbook whenever possible. The sales and reservations departments are encouraged to book the property to percent capacity, in the hopes that along with cancellations and no-shows they will block every room. Someone gets walked. A guest is more likely to acquire walked if: 1. He booked using Expedia, hence he has a acutely discounted rate and is less central.

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Tweet3 38K Shares Get your guest area ready with these guest room essentials! Growing up, I watched my parents practice hospitality often. Hotels make it their business to practice good generosity, so why not take a bleep from their book? Are you the guest, not the host?

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