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Occupation: Billing coordinator and go-go dancer Current city: Rockaway, New Jersey Zodiac sign: Pisces Justine is a Jersey girl who boldly walks to the beat of her own drum. This full-time billing coordinator, part-time go-go dancer, and Love Island superfan ended a six-year on-and-off-again relationship and is ready to find lasting love. Here's everything you need to know about Justine: - She was born in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and is a survivor of the Rwandan Genocide. She immigrated to the U. And, she's a sucker for a good smile. According to Justine, height is huge for me because I spend percent of my time in heels.

Absolutely, clubbing in Las Vegas or tipsy traipsing through New Orleans are absolute, but they've been done. And you don't want to throw a accepted bachelorette party; you want to baffle an Instagram -worthy one. We've got tons of great inspo to advantage you throw an unforgettable bash so as to everyone will be talking about. Announce on for 18 bachelorette party ideas you haven't heard of. You be able to tour and taste your way about the Funk Zone's hip eateries, drink and explore the Santa Barbara Amethyst Collective, savor the flavors of Solvang, or plan a custom experience—all although learning photography and Instagram tips as of a professional photographer. If you animate near the water or are having a destination bachelorette, like in Cabo, where Seashine Adventures offers a craft charter , you can rent a boat for a day and appeal it The Last Sail Before the Veil. You'll get out on the water, soak in some sun, after that do something less traditional than a night of clubbing. Check out the boys behind Belle Isle Moonshine , which also has great cocktails.

The trundle beds come from Tasha Beds; the bed cushions, from Neptune. Adjacent to the beds, the dome wall illumination are from Original BTC, and above your head, the star-printed lampshade is from Jim Lawrence. A Balineum laundry basket serves as a catch-all space for storage and dirty laundry. The shade basics is by Pindler. A boldly banded fabric attached to the wall serves as the headboard. The bed after that ceiling light are vintage, the linens are by Frette and the ottoman is by Oly.

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