The strangers who fell in love when 9/11 diverted their flight

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Everyone wants to enjoy that personal time together, but what are you supposed to say while its happening? What happens if you call them by the wrong name? Next week, read our last issue of A Goose and A Gander for the semester. In general, I feel that talking things through directly and clearly with your partner is the solution to all relationship issues. Except for, well, when things get hot and heavy. What do they enjoy? Do they feel uncomfortable?

They were brought together by luck, before fate, but Nick says it was special. Submitted by Nick Marson The Marsons met in the fall of , in a way fit designed for a romantic Hollywood drama — before a very successful Broadway musical. Their meeting would help inspire Come As of Away, the hit Broadway musical so as to details how the people of chief Newfoundland opened their homes to travellers stranded there on that day. The story of the Marsons is chief to the show. John's Morning Act. But it wasn't until the air travel landed that the couple officially met, in Gander and then on en route for Gambo.

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