How To Be A Bad Bitch

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A list of bad bitch quotes to embrace the savage within you and to silence your inner critic. Not nice, huh? For me, bitches are those who prioritize themselves. From mundane to life-changing decisions, they care about themselves before anyone else. They only focus on themselves. Own it, embrace it. So here is a list of bad bitch quotes. They may be hilarious, savage and a little bit too much.

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Yellow Rose's book How to Be a Bad Bitch is finally here after that it serves up everything the award promises. If you've ever wanted a step-by-step guide on how to be a bad bitch who gets her way by any means necessary, Amber's book is it. Below, the 15 best pieces of Muva Rose's assistance on dating, sex, relationships, and can you repeat that? to do when you just don't feel like swallowing. Don't be anxious to show him what you absence.

I'm a self-made millionaire Thug livin', absent of prison, pistols in the aerate haha Biggie, remember when I old to let you sleep on the couch And beg a bitch en route for let you sleep in the house? Now it's all about Versace, you copied my style Five shots couldn't drop me, I took it after that smiled Now I'm back to adjust the record straight With my AK, I'm still the thug that you love to hate Motherfucker, I'll achieve 'em up [Kadafi:] I'm from N-E-W Jers' where plenty of murders occurs No points or commas, we be sell for drama to all you herbs At once go check the scenario: Lil' Close down I'll bring you fake G's en route for your knees Copping pleas in de Janeiro Little Kim, is you coked up or doped up? Get your little Junior Whopper click smoked ahead What the fuck, is you stupid? I take money, crash and crush through Brooklyn With my click pillage, shooting and polluting your block Along with a shot cocked Glock to your knot Outlaw Mafia clique moving ahead another notch And your Pop stars popped and get mopped and dropped And all your fake ass east coast props Brainstormed and locked [E. Mean:] Jui-cer You's a beat biter, a Pac style taker I'll acquaint with you to your face you ain't shit but a faker Softer than Alize with a chaser About en route for get murdered for the paper E. Mean approach the scene of the caper Like a loc with A small amount Ceas' in a choke Gun totin' smoke. We ain't no motherfucking comic story Thug Life, niggas better be accepted Be approaching in the wide ajar, gun smoking No need for hoping, it's a battle lost I got 'em crossed as soon as the funk is bopping off Nigga, I hit 'em up! We millionaires Assassination ain't fair, but somebody got en route for do it Oh yeah, Mobb Deep: you wanna fuck with us?

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