Speaking BDSM: A Glossary of Terms Used to Describe BDSM

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How does it work? My owners will tell me how to behave and what to do. How much have you spent on your owners over the past three years? For the bank woman, I basically purchased everything for her flat — from cups to a sofa. She set up an Amazon wish list and I got her gifts through that. Makeup, lingerie and shoes are the things I have bought most of. What do you get in return? What do I get out of it? The pleasure of being controlled.

BDSM enthusiasts have created an entire dictionary around their lifestyle. Proper aftercare can be used to prevent a abandon. Age Play When one person takes on an older role and individual person takes on a younger character, such as a father-daughter scenario. BDSM An umbrella term used to depict a sexual practice that involves the use of physical control, psychological ability, or pain. It typically includes the components of bondage and discipline, ascendancy and submission, or sadism or masochism. Bondage and Discipline A type of BDSM practice that incorporates bondage tying, binding, or restraining someone and authority punishing a submissive partner when they break a rule. Bottom The person in a scene who follows the orders and receives the sensations. Breathing Play A form of play after one participant controls their breath. This may include choking or holding the breath.

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