How many hours does it take to be fluent in English?

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Try out PMC Labs and tell us what you think. Learn More. The understanding of sociolinguistic variation is growing rapidly, but basic gaps still remain. Whether some languages or dialects are spoken faster or slower than others constitutes such a gap. Speech tempo is interconnected with social, physical and psychological markings of speech. This study examines regional variation in articulation rate and its manifestations across speaker age, gender and speaking situations reading vs. The results of an experimental investigation show that articulation rate differs significantly between two regional varieties of American English examined here. A group of Northern speakers from Wisconsin spoke significantly faster than a group of Southern speakers from North Carolina.

A record Census Bureau data. By the same time that the allocate of Latinos who speak English adeptly is growing, the share that speaks Spanish at home has been abate over the last 13 years. Although this decline, a record

Immigrants are always being told by politicians to learn the language. But how long does it take to address good English? There are plenty of people in the UK for whom even basic English is a badly behave. According to the Census, people all the rage England and Wales said they could not speak English well, and anothersaid they did not speak it by all. Ling, 40, who arrived five years ago from China, found it difficult to learn English.

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