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I like to call Cerebral Palsy the forgotten disability in adulhood. This year is different. As a dad with cerebral palsy, I felt compelled to recognize […]. But, enough of the gloom. I thought I would take this time of awareness to re-introduce myself and […]. Simply, because I have never had the manual dexterity to manipulate the buttons.

Thanks for sharing your story with us Glenn. I found a few things but nothing of real substance. The few things I did find were based in the UK. Mostly, can you repeat that? I found were sites geared toward mothers and their questions and concerns. But, if it were, how would we learn and grow?

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Amalgamate Spinal is celebrating 75 years of service to the disability community. Ascertain More. After eight months of waffling, Ewan and Micah were the boy-name finalists. See Also:. Then out he popped, all wrinkles and cries after that vernix and monkey toes. Ewan, I thought. I smiled. What about his name? Like all first-time parents, we had a thousand questions.

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