7 Leadership Lessons Men Can Learn from Women

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One of the fundamental aspects of social interaction is that some individuals have more influence than others. Bosses have power over their workers, parents have power over their children, and, more generally, we can say that those in authority have power over their subordinates. In short, power refers to the process of social influence itself—those who have power are those who are most able to influence others. The powerful ability of those in authority to control others was demonstrated in a remarkable set of studies performed by Stanley Milgram Milgram was interested in understanding the factors that lead people to obey the orders given by people in authority. He designed a study in which he could observe the extent to which a person who presented himself as an authority would be able to produce obedience, even to the extent of leading people to cause harm to others. Milgram used newspaper ads to recruit men and in one study, women from a wide variety of backgrounds to participate in his research. When the research participant arrived at the lab, he or she was introduced to a man who the participant believed was another research participant but who was actually an experimental confederate.

Even if the majority of people at the top of organizations are men, studies show that it is actually women who have what it takes en route for effectively lead. So, rather than advising female executives to act more akin to men to get ahead, society would be better served by more manly leaders trying to emulate women. Around are seven big lessons they be able to learn from the opposite sex. Appreciate your own limitations. Motivate through alteration. Put your people ahead of by hand.

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