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If you feel blessed by your booty and want to celebrate it, here are five big-ass ways to work it in bed. For this one, don't even take off your panties—just bend over, shove 'em to the side and have your partner go down on you from behind. If they are a true ass-lover, they will appreciate having their nose being kinda buried in your butt. When they're done, just turn around and return the oral love.

Around are certain things in life so as to you probably feel super-comfortable talking a propos, like how you saved up en route for buy your first car, or can you repeat that? you do to get your beard looking so awesome on humid being. But anal sex might be a different story, specifically when it comes to questions like: Will anal femininity make my butt bigger? But designed for some more Specifically, your sphincter, which is the ring of muscle so as to surrounds the anus, could be impacted, she says. Your sphincter could area out a bit if you allow anal sex a lot, she says. The main issue with that, apiece Shepherd: You could develop fecal incontinence , which is a fancy approach of saying you might poop by hand. That's right: A little sphincter-stretching is probably NBD.

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