10 Basic Things a Hotel Must Offer Guests

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By Ben Williams Hotel housekeeping Tips and tricks for clean hotel rooms Forget uncomfortable beds, poor service, or itchy bathrobes: hotel guests are most likely to be put off by poor housekeeping. And, given that the majority of customers will read online reviews before booking a hotel these days, that can pose a real threat to your business. Clearly, an effective housekeeping strategy needs to be a top priority for any hotelier. This guide will cover: What are the duties of housekeeping in a hotel Creating a housekeeping strategy How to clean a hotel room: a step by step guide How to clean a hotel bathroom: a step by step guide Cleaning products, equipment, and supplies What are the duties of housekeeping in a hotel? Good housekeeping is an invisible service, in that guests only really take notice of it when your team fails to deliver the expected standard of cleanliness. In addition to guest bedroom cleaning, some of your housekeepers should also be responsible for cleaning other front of house areas in the hotel, although generally there will be different teams and shift patterns for this.

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