This CHP officer sought sex from women who needed his help inspecting their cars records show

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Nicole remembers feeling grateful that Officer Morgan McGrew agreed to meet her so early in the morning. The a. Then the conversation abruptly shifted. Nicole, who spoke on condition that her full name not be published to respect her privacy, was one of 21 women McGrew propositioned and harassed during VIN verification appointments, according to records from a internal investigation obtained by KQED and the California Reporting Project. Four women said McGrew offered to pass their vehicles if they would go on a date or to a nearby motel with him. Two said McGrew sent them text messages soliciting sex after he took down their phone numbers during a VIN appointment. The records provide details about the type of sexual misconduct by law enforcement that remained secret for decades in California until a landmark transparency law required agencies last year to publicly disclose a variety of documents, including investigations of officers found to have committed sexual assault while on duty. The Right to Know Act has exposed repeated instances of abuseranging from correctional officers in prison and jail who assaulted women under their guard to an officer fired for soliciting sex from an arrestee and one accused of beating and raping his girlfriend. The California Assn.

Auspiciously, the benefits of recruiting, training after that promoting more female officers are at once being recognized by agencies and act enforcement associations across the country. The encouraging momentum toward creating a add balanced public safety force is fueled in part by a growing admiration of certain unique and valuable authority qualities that women often bring en route for law enforcement. Such qualities are believed to enhance the ability of act enforcement agencies to make a activist impact on the communities they achieve. While most departments and law enforcement agencies are aware of the basic to hire a diverse workforce, assortment initiatives often focus more on background than gender. They are defendants all the rage lawsuits far less often than men, saving municipalities millions in legal fees. These factors are especially important all through a period when police use of force is under increased scrutiny, a lot causing heightened tensions between police after that the communities they serve. Why are women less likely to use force?

Confirmation continues to mount that the Additional York Police Department may have a sexual assault and harassment problem arrange its hands. In , when the woman was questioned by an NYPD officer at a crime-scene investigation, the officer gave her his number below the pretense that she may basic to reach him if she remembered something that could be relevant en route for the investigation. In a welcome action, the CCRB clarified in February of this year that it will at once investigate such civilian complaints of constabulary sexual misconduct. Police officers have an enormous amount of power when interacting with or detaining civilians. Their decisions could put someone behind bars designed for days, months, or years. Anyone who has ever interacted with a constabulary officer understands this lopsided power active. When police officers engage in sexual misconduct, they are taking advantage of this imbalance, whether they know it or not. Police sexual misconduct is alarmingly common.

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