Are They Really Your Friend? 15 Signs That Suggest Otherwise

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This post is in partnership with Inc. The article below was originally published at Inc. Want to win friends and influence people? Small, irritating things, but basically no big deal? Act like the people around you have more urgent needs than yours and you will never go wrong—and you will definitely be liked.

Insignificant person insults my dog. You're the apple of my eye. I was compelling home after a fight with my boyfriend. Ride with me 'til the very end.

But any of these apply to your friendships, we would encourage you en route for think twice about them and aim to determine whether they are actually a friend…. A definite no-no. As a rule, people do this because they air bad about themselves and want en route for use somebody else as a agitation. Draw a line through any friendships like this immediately. Friends should accomplish you feel good, empowered and uplifted. Some people, unfortunately, just like en route for bring others down. A true acquaintance will want to see you accomplish something and be happy. An absolute no-no.

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