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Within my role in the Department of Career Services at University of Phoenix, students often ask me how to find a mentor and the benefit of mentorship. Finding mentorship opportunities is a relevant topic this month, as January is National Mentor Month. But mentorship is not singularly beneficial, meaning that only the mentee can receive positive outcomes from the professional relationship. Rather, mentoring is akin to mutualism, where interaction is mutually beneficial to both involved parties.

It is a two-way road in which each get something from relationship. A relationship based upon mutual benefits be able to be reliable, and it is not really characterized by ego or submitter. In a mutually useful relationship, the activities and pursuits of each after that every partner advantage the different. A positive quality of a mutually advantageous collaboration is their ability to after everything else for years. Businesspeople and individuals be able to usually benefit from such a affiliation. This sort of relationship is a lot accompanied by a tactical partnership after that both parties to put time, arduous work, and resources. Both parties actually know what they want and they are more likely to work toward that goal. Also, it is easier to end a mutually beneficial marriage ceremony than a more traditional one.

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