13 Best Apps for Making New Friends in 2021

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Moving to a new city is an exciting personal challenge, but it can also be pretty intimidating. Moving into a share house can be a shortcut way of making new friends fast, if you choose wisely. Make sure you pick flatmates who are sociable and enjoying hanging out together. Not sure where to start? Spare Room is the best app to use when looking for a share house — it makes scrolling through potential flats and trying to suss out your would-be roomies a weirdly addictive activity. Is there anything more British than heading down to the local pub? Relaxing with a nice cold pint in summer or warming up with a hot toddy on a rainy day is one of the easiest ways to get to know your neighbourhood and feel part of the culture. Making the effort to join Friday night drinks with your colleagues is also great for turning work relationships into lasting friendships.

Assessment out Hotcoursesa fantastic platform to achieve nearby courses in just about everything. Citysocializer is another online platform designed for social events, functioning a bit akin to a mix between Meetup and Age Out. In a similar vein, accepted wisdom bob is another platform facilitating additional connections through fun and quirky collective events. As luck would have, London was voted European Volunteering Capital all the rage ! Check out The Sock Moba friendly group of volunteers working along with homeless people in the city.

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