What if You’d Known We Were All So Crazy?

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Save this story for later. Late yesterday morning, it was a group of four middle-aged women, all plump and American. Their laughter was sudden and shrill, and the sound of it caused me to wince. There are stairs off the lobby. Making it worse, instead of just stepping out of the elevator, the woman turned to hug her friends and say how much she was going to miss them. How funny!

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Whereby a driver would spin his car's wheels while performing a doughnut after that various other drift -style maneuvers designed for showcase value in front of an audience. From the Afrikaans for anaemic swat — carrying out an accomplishment resulting in an undesirable or damaging outcome; when you chaffed my cherrie the other day, it was bash oke. Totally swat; Moderating a catalogue of slang words is impossible after that totally swat oke; Changing this dress up to swak would be totally bash oke. As in slap takkie after the robot tunes favour: hit the gas when the traffic light says go. Basically, this person is apparently so drunk that a taxi should be called immediately to take them home. A tickey-box was a payphone, which cost a tickey to accomplish a call. Also used to consign to the city of Durban after in any of the smaller towns along the south coast between Durban and Port Shepstone. Awe that babe is so cute! Ah shame, the poor dog died.

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