Waking up to New York: secrets of the world's most famous women-only hotel

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Although the proportions have probably improved over time, two academic studies by Robert Woods and his colleagues a decade ago indicated that fewer than ten percent of hotel general managers were women. Such disparity is apparent in many hospitality classrooms today, where most of the students are female, but most of the senior industry executives who serve as guest speakers are male. The next generation of female managers may have a very different experience, but if the current conditions remain unchanged, then we should expect similar results. This suggests a need to examine more deeply the underlying dynamics of career progression for female hotel managers, and to explore the reasons for the continued imbalance. If so many women enter the industry, then where along the way do they disappear, and why do they decide to leave the industry? To offer some insight on this topic, a project has been launched to conduct extended interviews of numerous female hotel executives. The purpose is to discover how successful women achieve their senior-level positions, how they balance their work and family life, and what career advice they can offer to future hospitality leaders.

After that with any luck, we can await a binge-worthy mini series. If the book is anything to go as a result of we are in for a actual treat. It has enough smouldering allure to make Mad Men look bleak. I certainly feel a nostalgia designed for this kind of New York. These former bright young college graduates, at once in their 80s and 90s, but still as sharp and funny at the same time as ever, began sharing their stories. She was partial to frumpy tweeds after that conservative cardigans during the day, although at night it was a altered story. Many men who tried en route for make it upstairs to the ban bedrooms came in posing as Better East Side gynaecologists.

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