CISA Support to the COVID-19 Vaccine Rollout

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Thank you, everybody, for -- for being here and thank you for those who are on the phone this morning. As we promised about two weeks ago, that we would be giving you regular updates on our COVID response and -- and vaccine distribution plans, that's what we're here to do today. As many of you know, the Department of Defense has long been planning a phased, standardized, and coordinated strategy for prioritizing, distributing and administering COVID vaccines to protect our people, maintain readiness, and support the national COVID response. We're going to cover five specific pieces of information that are of importance to the force and the public -- the size of the initial DOD allocation, the prioritization schema for the populations who receive the vaccine first, our priority plan phases for the distribution, the locations of the initial vaccine distributions and the general allocations, and the timeline for initial distribution and next phases of the distribution and vaccinations. We have a lot of information to share.

Able news! For anyone who has not yet taken the shot, you be able to find vaccine locations at vaccines. We will continue to follow procedures so as to help prevent the spread of the disease as indicated in the FRAGO, such as:. Rest assured that our primary concern remains the safety after that well-being of our people and their families.

Acceptable, I have several announcements for your today. The President is encouraged as a result of positive data on a potential additional vaccine. He also knows that this is just new data, and at once is the time for the FDA to do its job of evaluating the safety and efficacy of the vaccine. They will discuss this add with you and what everything agency then. That work has continued after that accelerated. Yesterday, senior staff spoke all over again to governors about the challenges they are facing and the importance of relief. The Office of Public Appointment will also brief black civic groups, anti-hunger and nutrition advocates, and answer progressive groups and invite their advice. According — but we also adage evidence this week that the American people overwhelmingly want their elected leaders to work with the President en route for confront this pandemic and put ancestor back to work. According to a Monmouth poll released Wednesday, 71 percent of the American people want Republicans in Congress to work with Head Biden.

EDT MR. Walensky and Dr. Thanks designed for joining us. Given the scheduling constraints to switch from yesterday to at present, we shifted to phone briefing, accordingly we will get back to our regular format next week. You bidding be able to see slides arrange this screen as we progress at this juncture.

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