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Issue September Dear readers; please visit our website: www. Plant a native tree this fall, for you and nature! One way to help beat the heat and cool your home is by planting shade producing trees in strategic areas. It is always 10 degrees cooler inside my home during the summer, due to the mature shade trees planted to screen out the afternoon sun. Planting an attractive tree can increase the value of your property, and benefit your community. Native trees are more likely to thrive in your local conditions with minimal care after the first few years of establishment. These natives have survived and thrived for thousands of years during extreme climatic conditions. Most have learned to cope with our local pests and diseases, and are still here to prove their ability to adapt. It is a sturdy, long-lived, and very desirable tree.

Grows best in very well drained country in full sun. If happy, it may self seed and colonize, creating quite a stunning display over age. Mostly animal resistant; some grazing can occur. Unlike other large types A. Flowering time is late spring, as of mid May through June; however, drifting interest begins with stem emergence all the rage mid April through the dried flowers in July. Full sun. Foliage is strongly aromatic and piquantly flavored. Thrives in well draining but moist country in full sun; can become all-encompassing if allowed to go to beginning.

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