How Do I Make Plans Without ‘Getting a Drink’?

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The restrictions of Covid have made this even more difficult, with the rules around socialising in person changing regularly. Meetup is a global site which you can use to meet new people who enjoy the same things as you. Whatever interests you, from walking to art or history, Meetup is a great place to find like minded folk in your area to enjoy that with. Running clubs attract a variety of people. It might sound silly, but we met lots of new people in our village because of our dog. Walking him and taking him running, we got to know lots of our neighbours that were doing the same, and gradually started to arrange to walk together sometimes. When the dog was little we went to puppy training also, and that always felt like as much a time for me to socialise as it was for him! I find a structured end goal helps me to loosen up and make friends.

Why is this? Is it uniquely Australian? What can we do about it? The phenomenon of people experiencing anxiety to drink in social situations has been identified in many countries about the world, not just in Australia. Within countries, drinking norms also a lot vary from one social or artistic group to another. In some groups, heavy drinking might be normal. This is presumably because those of us who drink more are more apt to find ourselves in social groups where heavier drinking is the average. Most of the research on collective and peer influences on drinking has been done with teenagers and academy students. There is evidence that adolescent adults who are more socially apprehensive, or concerned about what others assume of them, are more prone en route for drink in a risky manner at the same time as a result.

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