Why it is so important our romantic partners have a sense of humour

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A virtue is a valuable trait — something that elicits admirationpride or love. Traditional examples include prudence, honesty, chastity and wisdom. Is a sense of humour comparable to these time-honoured virtues? Why do people value humour more than, say, being a good cook or owning a beach house? My own research on obituaries shows that, when reflecting on the life of a loved one, we tend to treasure their capacity to laugh and make others laugh. Why are we so serious about not being too serious? One reason is that laughter is enjoyable, and laughing with someone is even more enjoyable. Part of the value of a sense of humour derives from its ability to counter negative emotions with positive ones. We want to be with people who can make us laugh, especially if they can help us laugh at the things and situations that cause us stress, anxiety or despair.

After that apart from this, there are add reasons why you should marry a funny guy. If you are along with the right kind of guy, affiliation will be good and if not then bad. If you have always heard any of your friends acquaint with you that love is a ache, it is because they have got pain from love. So basically, all about love and relationships are biased.

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