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Sexsomnia is officially recognized as a subtype of parasomnia, a group of disorders that includes sleepwalking, sleep talking and night terrors, among others. Inappropriate sexual behaviors have been described in people with sleep disorders as diverse as parasomnias, severe insomnia and restless legs syndrome. In some cases, the sexual behaviors are not sexsomnia, but occur during waking hours, explained Dr. Carlos H. Schenck, the lead author of the report and a senior staff psychiatrist at the Minnesota Regional Sleep Disorders Center in Minneapolis. One example is Kleine-Levin syndrome, a rare disorder that causes recurrent bouts of excessive drowsiness and sleep. In their report, Schenck and his colleagues detail the range of sleep disorders that can be accompanied by sexsomnia or waking-hour sexual problems. The parasomnias and Kleine-Levin syndrome are the disorders most commonly associated with abnormal sexual behaviors. But other sleep disorders can involve such behaviors as well.

Adolescent female nursing aides are often the target of sexual misbehavior, and this experience further contributes to the affliction of their difficult, physically and expressively demanding work and can add en route for the problem of job turnover all the rage LTC settings. Vulnerable residents, especially those suffering from dementia or physical disabilities that prevent mobility, are potential victims of sexual abuse. Unfortunately, these healthcare providers and residents have the slight amount of training to manage these behaviors, and frequently have little be subject to. Staff of LTC facilities require fragmentary training on how to recognize badly chosen sexual behavior and intervene to care for other residents and themselves. Addressing sexual misbehavior in LTC is an central aspect of managing the facility background and supporting staff, and intervening all the rage treatable situations.

Conceptual Objective Women experience a variety of changes at midlife that may assume sexual function. Methods Interviews and application groups were conducted by a educated facilitator using a semi-structured guide. Altogether data were audio recorded and transcribed. Two investigators used a subsample of data to iteratively develop a codebook. The primary investigator coded all fact. Codes regarding changes in sexual act were examined and key themes emerged. Results The mean age was 52, and most women were peri-or postmenopausal. Participants discussed positive and negative changes in sexual function.

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