I Am an Extremely Hot Woman. Why Do Guys Keep Disappearing After We Have Sex?

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Also, that Minnesota is cold. Which probably explains the six bars per 1, people -- folks gotta warm up somewhere, right? You know what we didn't learn from Rocky and Bullwinkle? That Minnesotans also like to mess around -- Minneapolis is the 16th-busiest Tinder market in the nation. As are the odds that your ride home the next morning will take forever: it's one of America's most sprawling cities. Shutterstock 7. Philadelphia, PA If you're a dude in Philly, then yes, it is always sunny: The city has a whopping Plus, it's not uncommon for women in the City of Brotherly Love to regularly get arrested at sporting events, so you know they're also a passionate lot.

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Common sense flapping Science Can women get femininity whenever they like? In a caller post, Girl on the Net ponders the supposed inequality of sexual break. A man walks into a apart from and offers sex to anyone who's interested and is laughed out of the room. A woman walks addicted to a bar and does the alike and she's inundated with horny suitors. Is this really how it works? Being constantly chatted up by alien men in a bar would almost certainly drive anyone to drink. So I thought it would be a able time to look at one of the oldest assumptions in the Men vs Women book: can women acquire sex whenever they want, while men are doomed to wait on the sidelines until our sexual fancy falls upon them?

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