Durham University defends student sex work training

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Two Durham University students say they have been given hundreds of pounds and free foreign flights through sex work. Last week Durham University defended its students' union's decision to offer training sessions to those working in the industry alongside their studies. Anna said she would have found training helpful as there were times where I felt quite scared of what I was doing. She said she had a support network of other sex workers her age but said many felt quite isolated and she was sometimes threatened. However, James said he was not very interested in what the students' union have to say about it. He did not actively go looking for it, he said, but men would message him on gay dating apps and offer money for sex.

It's said that university is the finest stage of your life, and perhaps it's because students are generally accepted wisdom to have more free time, add parties and more sex. But how much sex are students actually having? Well if you study hospitality before philosophy you're likely to be having quite a lot of it, according to a new survey by Apprentice Beans. If you study either of these subjects and also live all the rage Brighton or Chester, then the add up to of notches on your bedpost can rise even higher, as you're ranked top of Student Beans' university femininity league table , as well at the same time as their inter-course table.

Durham University has defended its decision en route for offer training sessions to help students involved in sex work. Further Culture Minister Michelle Donelan had accused it of legitimising a dangerous industry which thrives on the exploitation of women. But the university said it was acting responsibly by offering students assistance on how to stay safe. After everything else week its students' union offered baton and students guidance for people catch up in the sex industry. Durham Academe said the courses were launched next requests from a small number of concerned students. However, Ms Donelan alleged the university was badly failing all the rage its duty to protect students. Jake Butler from the student money website Save the Student said the contemporary maintenance loan allowances fall woefully abrupt of the cost of living. Durham Students' Union welfare and liberation administrator Jonah Graham said the training's affect audience was those who support students so they understand the legal, protection, and wellbeing concerns of students after that how to respond to disclosures sensitively.

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Argue for cheaper rents, the return of grants, and higher minimum wage. Although to attack services aimed at apprentice sex workers is profoundly dangerous. The training provides support, advice and affair collaborations for pupils already employed all the rage sex work. The Times reported so as to Michelle Donelan, the minister for advanced and further education, said Durham was legitimising a dangerous industry. On the political left, the Labour MP designed for Hackney, Diane Abbottalso voiced her affair, describing the safety training as appalling. Whenever the subject comes up, around is considerable moral panic.

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