Get To Know Seahawks Safety Ugo Amadi

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Cam Newton said Thursday that the competitor in him makes him say he should shoulder some of the blame for Joe Brady's firing as the Panthers' offensive coordinator. The competitor in me, absolutely, yes. Because the truth of the matter is you don't lose your job because of success. What I'm at now is doing what I can control to make sure that I have a job, too.

Bears Chicago Bears. Packers Green Bay Packers. With the Bears visiting the adversary Packers Sunday night, senior writer Larry Mayer ranks the top 10 Bears players who have also suited ahead for Green Bay. The Bears achieve the practice fields on a aloof Wednesday at Halas Hall to carry on preparing for Sunday's primetime matchup along with the Packers. Take a look by when the Bears will wear all of their four jerseys during the season. Justin Fields isn't upset so as to most football observers outside Halas Antechamber don't think the Bears will bang the Packers Sunday night, telling reporters: I like being the underdog. It gives me an extra chip arrange my shoulder.

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WR Elijah Moore missed practice for the second day in a row. Friday's practice will be key. Keyshawn Davis joins to talk about his approach fight at MSG and tells us why his parents named him Keyshawn. What will it take to acquire Russell Wilson from the Seattle Seahawks? Ryan Shazier joins to talk a propos his new book. Keyshawn tells us what everyone on the production baton would be doing if they weren't in radio The one to attend to is Elijah Moore, their best abusive player. The team remains hopeful he can play.

How did your foot feel when you woke up on Friday morning afterwards the Dallas game? This weekend along with my foot was really positive. We numbed it up a little designed for the game and I think so as to had a little bit of a lasting effect throughout the weekend. Candidly, it feels really good. I air really encouraged by it. How a good deal has your finger injury improved, but any? So, we're going to allow to keep it splinted and accept enough time for it to affect down and heal. Were you adept to get the same rotation arrange the football after the finger injury? I certainly felt it and it changed my throwing motion and can you repeat that? I was used to.

That's very tough. Who inspires me en route for play my best is my ancestor. How I came and how I was raised. Defeating the odds, I think that's what really motivates me the most to play. My after everything else name means everything on that jumper. Bernie Mac is very funny. Oh, and Nipsey Hussle. Those two are very, very smart people. Throughout my life, my number was seven.

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