Leave Your Lover for Me Playlist: 125 Songs About Interlopers and Love Triangles

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Can a mistress ever be a successful wife? But what if he really did leave her? What are the chances of it turning out happily-ever-after? Rosetta, the high-flying, glamorous mistress, became Tom Gutteridge's new wife — then, three years later, received her comeuppance in spectacular fashion when Gutteridge dumped her for a woman ten years younger. Rosetta, single again at 47, felt compelled to apologise publicly to Anneka. Of course, now I realise she wasn't. Now I know he's saying the same sort of thing about me. However making it down the aisle is no guarantee of a happy ending, as Rosetta discovered. Her message to the mistress is: be careful what you wish for.

I had been divorced for several years. I should have run the erstwhile way once I learned that my lover was married, but I was lonely. I wanted to feel alluring again. As the other woman, I have come to understand that but husbands and wives treated each erstwhile as well as they do their best friends, there would be fewer affairs and cheating spouses. I don't consider myself a mistress: No capital, cars, jewels, furs nor apartment has been exchanged for sex. Nor am I a home wrecker; my lover's marriage is intact. What do I get? A wonderful lover, a finest friend and someone who helps me out around my home. We allocate each other our undivided attention after we're together.

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