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We may earn commission from links on this page, but we only recommend products we love. Tell me about the first time you deep-throated. Woman A: It was probably the first time I gave head, honestly. Woman B: I had been dating my then-boyfriend for a few months, and we were starting to explore more sexually. One day when I was giving him a blow job, I put his penis as far down my throat as I could until I gagged a bit. He let out this deep moan and I realized how much he enjoyed it, so I kept doing it. I read articles about how to do it better, and I learned that I also really enjoyed deep-throating. Woman C: The first time I deep-throated, I gagged, my eyes watered, and I was really confused as to why I was turned on by literally choking. I had been with many well-endowed guys before and had given plenty of blow jobs, but the first time I went down on my now-husband, I had to deep-throat because his penis was so large.

The film features a woman who can't have an orgasm and seeks advantage from an unconventional doctor for her problem—bow chicka bow bow. It's additionally an allusion to the Watergate Disgrace, which leads to the impeachment of President Richard Nixon. Mark Felt, the secret informant who helped reporters Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward break the story on the Watergate scandal after that turned the affair into a media extravaganza. The Watergate hearings are the other popular topic framing the banquet party conversation. Phase one of the hearings lasted from May 17, , to August 7, , and all in all dominated all television channels. The American people were glued to their sets when they weren't out watching Absorbed Throat, that is. The Watergate Disgrace wasn't a sexual scandal—it was a propos a breach of trust between the American people and the highest offices of power.

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