How to Have Safer “Bareback” Sex Without a Condom

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Metrics details. This study reports on the individual and partnership characteristics that influence consistent condom use in cisgender men who have sex with men MSM and transgender women TGW attending trusted community centers that provide HIV prevention and treatment services in Nigeria. Adults assigned male at birth who reported anal sex with male partners who enrolled between March — and had information about at least one male sexual partner were included in these analyses. A participant was defined as consistently using condom if they reported always using condoms all the time they had insertive, receptive or both types of anal sex with a male partner. These findings suggest that individuals in relationships where partners were more open and encouraged safer sex were more likely to consistently use condoms. HIV prevention programs should consider leveraging communication to sexual partners to encourage condom use as this may support condom use with other sexual partners. Peer Review reports. This increased burden is due to the high HIV transmission risks associated with condomless anal intercourse with viremic partners [ 31329 ].

Aim out PMC Labs and tell us what you think. Learn More. The data is not publicly available as it is partially derived from classified medical records. Measures that were a lot associated with condom-protected sex were tested as independent variables in a linear regression model.

Metrics details. Globally, the prevalence of HIV among transgender women is much advanced than that of the general fully developed population. This can be explained as a result of the persistently low rate of coherent condom use among this population. This study was therefore conducted to deal with factors associated with consistent condom abuse among sexually-active transgender women in Cambodia, specifically with their non-commercial partners. Fact used for this study were calm as part of the National Included Biological and Behavioral Survey Face-to-face interviews were conducted using a structured opinion poll.

Advance in preventing exposure to HIV along with transgender people through unprotected sex along with partners. Condoms can substantially reduce the risk of sexually transmitting HIV. Again and again and correctly using condoms is as a result important for transgender people, particularly trans-women, because of the high risk of HIV transmission during unprotected anal femininity. Condom use with the most contemporary penetrative sex partner is considered a reliable indicator of longer-term behaviour. Note: countries with generalized epidemics may additionally have a concentrated subepidemic among transgender people. If so, calculating and coverage on this indicator for this inhabitant would be valuable.

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