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There are a few easy ways to contact us, and we're eager to hear from you! First, you can find your admissions counselor below and contact them directly. For more general inquiries, you can call, e-mail, or even write to us with the following contact information:. North Manchester, IN Kyle says she chose to work in admissions at Manchester because of the wonderful experience she had at Manchester. She loves the idea of being the one to introduce incoming students to this special place and help them in their college search process. A fun fact about Kyle is that she studied abroad twice while studying at Manchester.

Arrive traditional undergraduate students are members of Generation Z. Born between and the mids, this is the first age band of true digital natives. It should come as no surprise that these individuals have their own refined preferences for communicating, whether it be along with their friends, their favorite store before a potential college. The traditional methods of institutions communicating with college students are no longer effective.

After we think of learning and maturing, we tend to focus on the kinds of things that kids ascertain in school. Certainly, the academic lessons learned in the classroom help your kids create a better informed after that deeper sense of themselves and the world. But there are many central skills that are usually absorbed add or less automatically and intuitively at the same time as kids grow up. These are the practical life skills that help a young person do a better activity managing their daily life. For adolescent people going off to college, it can be very helpful to accomplish sure that they have a able handle on managing these basic skills. And not having these skills mastered can make the transition to academy, and adulthood in general, more demanding. What kinds of skills are we talking about? When kids are younger, they are mostly told when en route for go to sleep and what en route for eat and when. Their basic animal care is left to their parents or guardians.

Above long twin size sheets? Your students are ready for their first day of college College is an absurd experience, and no student will always be fully prepared for how the classes they take and the friends they make will shape their minds and futures forever. With some well-worded advice, however, parents can set them up to successfully navigate their freshman year. If you find yourself needing suggestions for a conversation with your new college students, try these chat points on for size. However, academy is full of more possibilities than any student can dream of. Assemble down with your students before Move-In Day, and let them know so as to yes, the future will be absolute. It might just turn out a good deal differently than they imagine.

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