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Welcome to Learning Creative Learning! We are very excited to begin building this community together, so to get started, we encourage you to use this topic to introduce yourself and get to know other members. Reply to this post, and tell us a little more about yourself. We also encourage you to customize your profile with a photo and short description of who you are and why you are here. Additionally, pin yourself on our course map or by clicking on the 'Map' button on the top banner. My name is Griffin, which is my mother's maiden name and the name of a half-lion half-eagle mythical creature which was first introduced by the Egyptians around BC. I have a background in investment banking and playing drums. I'm planning on making a film this summer about Scottish Independence.

All the rage order to provide the best shopping experience possible, the QuaverShop is undergoing temporary maintenance. We'll be back along with seriously fun merchandise before you be able to say boom-chicka-boom. Bring PreK-8 General Composition to life with teacher-friendly lessons students love! Supercharge social and emotional culture in the K-5 classroom and the counselor's office. Play, discover, and become adult with a full day of music-fueled exploration for your youngest students. QuaverEd offers live training, webinars, and self-paced video tutorials.

Gather speed learning with proven digital math after that reading programs. See how DreamBox Math lets students find their own distinctive path to success and supports educators along the way. Find helpful resources, get answers to your questions after that view winners list. WHY DO. Immersive, interactive, learner-driven math lessons make students more confident and competent. Adjusts all the rage real time to provide individualized culture paths for every student. Lessons are designed by teachers, for teachers, after that align with all state K-8 math standards. Never feel guilty about barrier time again with productive lessons students love.

Educators are championing StudentVoice all over the world. Here are a few behaviour to have some fun with Flipgrid before, during, and after your be in breach of, inspired by educators around the world! Creating moments for self-reflection helps students make it a common practice, infusing critical thinking skills and fostering a growth mindset. Tip: Have students attend to a past video they have created. Have them reflect on their acquaintance and skills then vs. A person who is appreciated will always accomplish more than expected! Continue creating a positive culture in your school as a result of showing appreciation.

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