The Girls' Guide to Hunting and Fishing

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Randall Haasan archaeologist at University of California, Davis, recalls the moment in when his team of researchers gathered around the excavated burial of an individual lain to rest in the Andes Mountains of Peru some 9, years ago. Along with the bones of what appeared to be a human adult was an impressive—and extensive—kit of stone tools an ancient hunter would need to take down big game, from engaging the hunt to preparing the hide. But further analysis revealed a surprise: the remains found alongside the toolkit were from a biological female. What's more, this ancient female hunter was likely not an anomaly, according to a study published today in Science Advances. This new study is the latest twist in a decades-long debate about gender roles among early hunter-gather societies. The common assumption was that prehistoric men hunted while women gathered and reared their young.

The late October leaves were crunchy along with frost under my boots, yet I was far from cold. Quite the opposite: I was looking forward en route for shedding my fleece hunting jacket a long time ago I got to my car after that setting down my heavy pack. My Jeep came into view in the gravel parking lot that led en route for the public land I was hunting, and I saw two vehicles parked beside mine. They belonged to hunters, who were getting their gear arrange. They looked up to acknowledge my approach with a wave, and after that did a double take. This is the reaction I always get. I know that I play a amount in this trend, although it was unintentional. I fell into taking my daughter along with me, somewhat as a result of accident.

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