The Risks of Having an Exercise Addiction

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By first, you thought that the fascination your current love interest has along with being fit and healthy was commendable. You thought you could bask all the rage their athletic body, but instead you find yourself helping them calculate gains — plus, you can no longer tell apart a normal calorific milkshake from a protein shake. Not barely does this disturb your sleep although their chirpy morning manner when they get back makes your blood be angry. Gone are the days when you could treat yourself to a Chinese takeout on a Tuesday night as you just felt like it.

Application addiction is an unhealthy obsession along with physical fitness and exercise. Exercise addicts display traits similar to those of other addicts, which include:. Exercise causes the release of certain chemicals all the rage the nervous system. These chemicals build a sense of pleasure or bonus. Exercise addiction may be, in amount, a dependence on this pleasure answer. Exercise releases endorphins and dopamine. These are the same neurotransmitters released all through drug use. An exercise addict feels reward and joy when exercising.

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