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I even as a relative newbie to the community however understood his points relatively easily with some thought and a couple of questions. He quite clearly stated that for him and his partner it can take upto years before he reached this level of trust because let's face it, that's all for me no limit play is. A high level of trust where you know the ins and outs of your partner, no confusion at all and a deep connection. I've seen this Morning another member posting about his sub who has no limits and what you would do in this situation. Let me first say without arrogance of any kind that I believe a no limit relationship is one I feel I could quite comfortably find myself in sometime in the future as I poses one key element but even then if I labled it a no limit relationship is that what it would actually be? No, not at all. So what does it mean to one with shall we say less experience than the original poster? Personal integrity is key, character and a true understanding of the needs of the other and what you have learned over the course of many sessions. No limit play is NOT something I would feel you could engage in with one you have just met and for me to think otherwise is irresponsible and quite frankly, dangerous.

En route for ensure everyone involved is willing after that deriving pleasure from degradation play, all must talk about limits and boundaries, as well as wants and desires before the scene. It is actual easy for a degradation scene en route for be taken too far with a minute ago one comment or act that be able to be spur of the moment before unintentional. Degradation scenes require considerable build up planning and clear, understandable safewords so as to will provide a warning or a full stop to the scene but discomfort happens. Some would suggest so as to those who desire degradation are commonly people in power in other aspects of life. Similarly, those who appeal power in sex may not allow power in other situations. In actuality, dominants and submissives come from altogether walks of life and it is impossible to generalize. Verbal degradation a lot takes the form of insults, as well as mockery of feelings, insults of amount parts and belittlement. Physical examples of degradation including spitting, slapping, hair pulling, spanking, ejaculating on, or urinating arrange the submissive partner.

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