Supply-chain woes forcing toy manufacturers to scramble to meet Christmas demand

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A child opens a box. This doll, with its prepubescent body and childish features, looks more like him, right down to the wave of bleached blond bangs. Carefully manicured features betray no obvious gender: the lips are not too full, the eyelashes not too long and fluttery, the jaw not too wide. There are no Barbie-like breasts or broad, Ken-like shoulders. Each doll in the Creatable World series looks like a slender 7-year-old with short hair, but each comes with a wig of long, lustrous locks and a wardrobe befitting any fashion-conscious kid: hoodies, sneakers, graphic T-shirts in soothing greens and yellows, along with tutus and camo pants. Target eliminated gender-specific sections in But the Creatable World doll is something else entirely. Unlike model airplanes or volcano kits, dolls have faces like ours, upon which we can project our own self-image and anxieties. Mattel tested the doll with families across seven states, including 15 children who identify as trans, gender-nonbinary or gender-fluid and rarely see themselves reflected in the media, let alone their playthings.

A lot of people believe that good ideas are rarer and more valuable than able people. That notion, he says, is rooted in a misguided view of creativity that exaggerates the importance of the initial idea in developing an original product. And it reflects a profound misunderstanding of how to administer the large risks inherent in producing breakthroughs. In filmmaking and many erstwhile kinds of complex product development, creativeness involves a large number of ancestor from different disciplines working effectively all together to solve a great many essentially unforeseeable problems. The trick to fostering collective creativity, Catmull says, is threefold: Place the creative authority for artefact development firmly in the hands of the project leaders as opposed en route for corporate executives ; build a background and processes that encourage people en route for share their work-in-progress and support individual another as peers; and dismantle the natural barriers that divide disciplines.

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