31 Pictures That Show Just How Crazy Woodstock Really Was

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Around were some free fountains, but the lines to use those often resembled a Disneyland ride. Some were cracked in frustration, causing minor flooding all the rage the area. The situation was accordingly bad that, after the festival, lawyers for some festivalgoers threatened to bring a claim organizers for negligence. On top of that, there was a 1. America, Fuck Yeah! Runaway Cops Who watches the watchmen? Even though the assembly wildly outnumbered the law enforcement apparition — roughly New York State Troopers plus local PD — the authorities were supposed to have a a small amount more support courtesy of volunteer collateral recruited from New York City. But, many of those volunteers unceremoniously walked off the job by wandering bad into the audience, leaving the constabulary severely shorthanded when things got absent of hand.

Go Times - From Oxford approximately 20 minutes. From Central London approximately 1. From Stratford on Avon approximately 45 minutes. From Bath approximately 1.

All the rage each incident, which occurred on altered nights of the three-day, 30th-anniversary Woodstock '99 festival, the woman was purportedly raped and assaulted by multiple men, as concert-goers around the crime cheered her assailants on. Meanwhile, the internal-investigations office of the New York Affirm Police in Albany announced Wednesday so as to the on-site trooper-supervisor was suspended devoid of pay following accusations he urged lady Woodstock attendees to pose nude designed for photos with police, Jamie Mills, administrator of public information, said. The analysis is continuing. While New York Affirm Police have been vague about reports of sexual-assault cases at Woodstock, officials finally confirmed Thursday July 29 so as to they are investigating four alleged rapes said to have occurred during the outdoor concert held on the early Griffiss Air Force base in Rome, N. One of the alleged rapes being investigated was said to allow occurred in the mosh pit all through rap-rockers Limp Bizkit's performance Saturday, although the other three allegedly happened by the campground, according to Capt. John Wood of the state police all the rage Oneida, N. Additional reports have surfaced through local rape-counseling centers and anticipate to witnesses' coming forward. David Schneider, a rehabilitation counselor who worked at the same time as a volunteer with the social-service program Family of Woodstock during the affair, said he witnessed a gang rape in the mosh pit during a set by the hip-hop-influenced rock-act Korn on Friday night. They were holding her arms; you could see she was struggling.

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