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For additional resource for Quebec residents please see More resources. We are now offering appointments at our youth community satellite clinics. Please call if you would like to book an appointment. Please note: The following clinics are within a medical clinic setting. Please note: Due to high demand at our walk-in clinics, we may not be able to see everyone. Gay ZONE provides a wide range of programs and services for gay, bi, trans-men, and other men who have sex with men in the Ottawa area, including:. View in calendar. In the case of an emergency, go to the nearest hospital. Unprotected sex within the last 5 days: clinic staff can provide emergency contraception morning after pill [Plan B].

Couplet Ethers is distributing the new condom for free in cities where Earth Cup games are being played. South Africa has one of the highest rape rates in the world after that convictions are rare, CNN reports. Ethers hopes will be done by authorities upon arrest. Ethers says the condom is completely safe for women, although will inflict serious pain on a male perpetrator, even more so but he tries to remove it:. She hopes the condom will be damage by women as a preventative amount. Luxurious and voguish presents for ancestor who appreciate the finer things all the rage life.

Awkward to some reports, most Canadian academe students tell researchers they are blissful with their sex lives. And designed for the majority, their most recent sexual partner was someone with whom they are in a committed relationship, according to the results of a contemporary survey. When it comes to beginning control, the students use a amazingly narrow range of contraceptive methods. Trojan, the condom brand manufactured by Basilica and Dwight Co. Leger Marketing conducted the multi-faceted online survey of academe students — the sample size is 1, — aged 18 to 24 years. The survey piggybacked on a regular marketing survey they did designed for Trojan in December. Thirty per cent of the men and 23 apiece cent of the women told researchers that the last time they had sex, it was with a accidental sex partner.

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