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Over the next 39 years of his life, Trout would make his children Louise's parents, uncles and aunts and even grandchildren including Louise herself dig with him everyday, even including Christmas day, as was shown in the movie when the 11 year old Louise complained that she was tired to which her grandfather callously replied that it was too damn bad. The elderly Trout walker would die of old age inwhen Louise was just 15, but the work to find the treasure did not die with him. Starting Camp Green Lake Years after her grandfather's death, Louise, now a young woman, decided to open Camp Green Lake in the hopes that she had will find the treasure like he wanted her to, with herself as the Warden. During that time Louise invited an escaped convict named Mr. Sir Marion Sevillon and Mr. Pendanski Mom to work as counselors at her new Camp, while the camp itself would be populated by many batches of delinquent teenaged boys to help her dig holes under the guise of character building. Whenever one of boys finds something interesting, he gets the whole day off just like X-Ray Rex Washburn did when Stanley Yelnats IV Caveman gave him the lipstick tube that he found. When Stanley says that he stole Mr.

Analysis You just saw Interstellar. You allow questions. Below are a bunch. A propos half of these could be careful plot holes. So some brow-furrowing is justified. Plus, having people on the ship requires more oxygen, food, dampen, fuel and ways to watch Survivor videos from home that rip your heart out. Even the nice hobbits stole from Farmer Maggot.

Abridgment Chapter 4 Stanley leaves the car and finds he is dazed after that has a dry throat from the heat. He sees a few tents, a few buildings, and two trees by a cabin. Other than the two trees he cannot see a few other sign of plant life, not even weeds. Stanley enters a construction with a sign signifying the activation of Camp Green Lake Juvenile Correctional Facility and another sign prohibiting guns, explosives, weapons, drugs, and alcohol. Stanley thinks it is obvious that individual would not carry these things addicted to the camp. He meets Mr. Sir inside the air- conditioned building.

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