How Early Church Leaders Downplayed Mary Magdalene's Influence by Calling Her a Whore

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In this podcast Tom Holland argues that Christianity has had a transformative and enduring impact on the western mindset: Why do people want to believe Mary Magdalene was a sinner and prostitute? Historians are constantly on the hunt for more details, but our knowledge of this biblical woman is scant, says Hetta Howes. And so, the lore and the legends that fill in the blanks left by the Gospel — whether they come in the form of medieval theological writings or 21st-century screenplays — are just that: myths. However, these myths can be incredibly revealing in and of themselves, reflecting the outlook and vision of the particular historical moment that helped to create them. From sinner, to preacher, to contemplative, to saint, Mary Magdalene is associated with miracle cures; assistance at childbirth; raising the dead; and freeing the imprisoned. However, the most enduring detail is always her sin, says Hetta Howes. And he also added into the mix an unnamed adulteress, who was redeemed by Jesus and who washed his feet with ointment in penitence.

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