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Our product picks are editor-tested, expert-approved. We may earn a commission through links on our site. But when it comes to first impressions, the color of her hair may play the biggest part in shaping your snap judgments, finds a new study from French researchers. A team from the University of South Brittany recruited attractive year-old coeds and had each of them wear either brown, blonde, or black-haired wigs, along with a tight-fitting white shirt. Do French scientists know how to design an experiment or what? Researchers instructed each of the wigged women to purposely drop a glove while walking in front of a male pedestrian, then they watched to see if the men would notify the woman of her misplaced property. You can probably guess how this worked out: Men alerted the blonde-haired women 76 percent of the time, while brown- and black-locked lasses were helped just 59 and 57 percent of the time, respectively. Past research has shown that men unconsciously perceive blonde hair as a sign of youth and health, two of the characteristics most commonly linked to fertility, the study explains. But that's not the only way her hair can color your impressions.

VKontakte Porn fans have varying tastes, after that a few have a fascination designed for eye color, so this article ranks the best blue eyed porn stars. The eyes are the windows en route for the soul, and for these pornstars they are they gateway to their inner sexual tiger. Blue eyes are the most desirable and attractive of eye colors and those who allow them have a calm and calm personality. Blue eyes are also accepted wisdom to be representative of knowledge. En route for rank these sexy blue eyed babes, data analysis was used to advance ranking accuracy and remove any delicate bias. There are many ways en route for rank the best blue eyed porn stars, so this article is a part of a series of posts.

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