What Happens When the Chill Girl Falls in Love

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The time has come to confront something that I have known ever since I unleashed my internal tornado of hormones on some schmuck in a post-brunch sexual encounter the first week of college freshman year. I have buried this secret deeper inside me than my Nuvaring. I am not a chill girl. I am not a laid-back chick. I am not a cool woman.

According to Tinder, there is an contagion sweeping across the country. This is something far more sinister. Like Transylvanians draping themselves in garlic to fend off vampires, the men of Tinder drape these words across their profiles in an attempt to ward bad the scariest monster of all: the high-maintenance girl. The high-maintenance girl is an aberration because she arrogantly flouts her primary role as a woman: to be accommodating. We must abide by strict guidelines: be beautiful , although not all about your looks, be smart , but not a know-it-all, and be nice , but not too nice or people will abide advantage of you.

Beefy, independent women know how to buck up and get stuff done, which makes us hot as hell — although at the end of the calendar day, we just want to come abode and relax. Not only does the ability to work hard and act hard make us well-rounded and boss about as hell, but being chill AF also makes us amazing girlfriends. Guys who date these girls are idiots. No thanks! Have to change plans? Running late? If the situation is reasonable, though, so are we. After we do get upset, you appreciate we really mean business. If you do mess up, bye Felicia.

So as to way, you can get your appointment to quit watching the movie after that hop into bed with you as a replacement for. Now what? Most women know can you repeat that? this invitation means, so sex is most likely on the table. Altogether you have to do is be calm and have a good time along with her without doing anything weird en route for screw it up.

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